Tikva Housing Society is a non-profit society which provides access to affordable housing, primarily for Jewish low to moderate income adults and families.

The 2001 Census reported that the Jewish community of Greater Vancouver was comprised of 23,000 people. At that time, it was estimated that over 1,300 individuals and families in our community had incomes below the poverty line. In 2014, these numbers have likely increased significantly given that:

  1. the general population in Greater Vancouver has grown 13% since 2001;
  2. the economic climate has deteriorated;
  3. the cost of living has increased significantly.

Support for members of our community in need has been tremendous. Since 1948, Jewish community organizations of Greater Vancouver have successfully contributed land, buildings, and grants, towards affordable housing. Many of these initiatives have been in partnership with government and private partners resulting in the management of 687 units by 6 Jewish housing organizations. Of these, 661 units are affordable, and 664 units serve the senior population, and about 330 units house Jews. What’s left is 19 units that house people under 55 or who live with mental illness or women fleeing abuse.

Based on the most recent census and housing availability, Tikva considers low income singles and families, particularly those living with a disability, to be the population most in need of affordable housing. To address this need, Tikva Housing has focused its efforts on housing low-income families and single adults between the ages of 18 – 55, who are homeless or at risk of being homeless, and who can live independently.