A great start for the new Jewish year. Shana Tova from Tikva Housing!

We are taught from an early age that giving, repairing the world and being kind are the tenets of living a Jewish life. In our community we don’t have to look very far to find people who fit this description. One of the latest projects that has come to fruition is the Diamond Residences in the Storeys Complex in Richmond. Thanks to the generosity of the Diamond Foundation, Tikva Housing Society, now owns 18 (Chai!) units which are being rented at below market rates to people in our community for whom stable, safe housing was unpredictable and unaffordable, at best. Tikva Housing, a nonprofit housing society in our Jewish community has partnered with four non-profit societies and the City of Richmond to build affordable, below market rent apartments.

Tikva worked hand in hand with community agencies such as Jewish Family Services Agency to place tenants in need in these units.  Some of our tenants moved into their units early this month and the rest will move in throughout the remainder of this month.  The Diamond Residences will house six singles and of that five are seniors. Also, 12 families and a total of 22 children. One 83 years old women, cried when she was told she would be moving into a studio unit as she has not had a place to live for years and was sleeping on someone’s couch. A single Israeli mother with two children moving into a three-bedroom unit. Her kids have never had their own rooms. One Single mother has been sharing a 1 bedroom with her son for over a year.  One single mother with three children have been sharing a 2 bedroom and has not had her own room in two years. One family moved from out of town and never were able to attend Shabbat services and be close to a Jewish community and their family. There are many more stories that we can share with you about our tenants.

Once again we would like to thank the Diamond Foundation as this could not have been possible without their willingness and generosity.

Shana Tova,

Tikva Housing Society