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B.C. makes largest housing investment in province’s history
September 26, 2016
The Government of B.C. is committing $500 million to ensure more British Columbian families have access to affordable rental housing, the largest housing investment in a single year by any province in Canada. A total of 2,900 rental units will be created, in partnership with non-profit societies, local governments, government agencies, community organizations and the… Read More
“Vancouver is the least affordable city in Canada, with the highest rental rates” – Jewish Independent article
September 25, 2015
Tikva helps increase supply Friday 25th, September 2015 Written by Kyle Berger in Local Artist rendering of Storeys in Richmond, one of two projects with which Tikva Housing Society is involved. (illustration by Duane Siegrist of Duane Siegrist-Integra Architecture Inc.) Of the 26,000 Jews living in Greater Vancouver, 16% live below the poverty line (more than 4,200).… Read More
Rental woes: Prices jump, vacancy shrinks for Vancouver, Toronto
August 12, 2015
After a trying search, Jacob Butula has finally found a place to rent in Vancouver. But the apartment on the top floor of a house is far from ideal. Only a sheet separates his room from the living room that he will soon share with three roommates. One roommate has promised to build him a makeshift… Read More
Case Study – Vancouver Community Land Trust Foundation
June 3, 2015
Metro Vancouver is experiencing a crisis in housing affordability and there is a need for innovative solutions to the crisis. Tikva Housing Society is excited to be apart Vancouver's first ever Land Trust Foundation, a project being implemented by a consortium of non-profit organizations, social finance institutions and the municipal government. The case study was created in order to describe and… Read More
2014 Housing Strategy Report Card
May 28, 2015
This report provides Vancouver's City Council with an update on the progress that the City is making towards achieving the goals identified in the Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2012-2021. Tikva's Land Trust project is mentioned on page 10. 2014 Housing and Homelessness Strategy Report Card Read More