Tikva’s first housing project was opened May 26, 2008.

The Dany Guincher House, at 1436 West 71st Avenue in Vancouver, has 11 units of housing for people at risk of homelessness, families fleeing abusive relationships and independent disabled people. Renovations of the three storey structure included health and safety items such as upgrades to the exterior balconies of the building and a new sprinkler system.

The building includes one bachelor suite, nine one-bedroom units and one two-bedroom apartment.

Partners and Funding

  1. The Province provided a grant of $740,000 and mortgage financing up to $565,000 under the Provincial Homelessness Initiative.
  2. The Tikva Housing Society provided $775,000 in cash donations mainly from the Guincher Family and other donors through the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver.
  3. Jewish Family Service Agency is providing support services including a food bank and employment and personal counseling.

Capital cost of this project was $2.1 million

Opening Ceremony and Mezuzah Dedication

It has been said that ‘A community is judged by the way it treats those in need.’

Tikva Housing Society welcomed the Honorable Carole Taylor, MLA for Vancouver- Langara and Minister of Finance and Margaret McNeil, Vice President, Operations, BC Housing to the opening ceremony and Mezuzah dedication of the Dany Guincher House on May 26, 2008.

Luis Guincher, his wife the late Kela Guincher Z”L”, and their family, gifted Tikva Housing Society with an extraordinarily generous donation which was matched by the Provincial Government through the ‘Provincial Homelessness Initiative’ to fund the Jewish community’s first affordable housing project in the Marpole neighbourhood.

Mr. Guincher shared that he always thought that it was worthwhile to do something to honour his brother’s memory. “This building is named after my brother Dany Guincher who went out of his way to help those in distress” explained Luis Guincher. “It is in his spirit that we are working with our provincial and community partners, to provide housing services to those in need”

Other donors in the community stepped up to provide the additional equity required to secure the property and provide some seed start up capital, to which

Tikva also thanks: Diamond Foundation, Greenbrier Holdings, Lohn Foundation, MK Family Foundation, Pekarsky Foundation, Annette Rothstein, Harley Rothstein and Eleanor Boyle, and the Zalkow Foundation.

Dany Guincher Z”L” was born in Chile in 1949 and settled in Israel’s Kibbutz Amir in 1962. He joined the IDF in 1967 and served in the Armour division near the Suez Canal during the War of Attrition as a tank officer.

He married and move to the United States but when the Yom Kippur war broke out he volunteered to re-join his army reserve unit and served under the command of Ariel Sharon in the Negev. His unit crossed the Suez Canal to Ismalia where his tank was hit and destroyed on the last day of the war. He is buried at the cementary of Kibbtuz Amir. Dany was 24 years old and had only been married for 4 months.
May his memory be a blessing and may his name live on with the provision of affordable housing in our community.

Tikva Housing Society’s mandate is to provide shelter that is safe, affordable, appropriate, and with access to Jewish Community Services. In a robust real estate market such as we have been experiencing for over a decade, it is not only more difficult for many to access affordable housing, but it is also more difficult to provide. Despite this enormous challenge, our community now has its first project – the 11 unit, Dany Guincher House.

Tikva Housing’s current ‘works in progress’ includes:

  • Through an agreement with the City of Vancouver, BC Housing, Coast Foundation, BC Coastal Health and Yaffa Housing; at least 5 units will be assigned to Jewish persons suffering from severe mental illness in a new building to be constructed at 16th and Dunbar.
  • Each person will have an independent suite, coupled with the necessary professional support and Jewish community onsite programming.
  • Tikva’s 3rd project, is gaining momentum. We are compiling the necessary capital required to fund the equity portion for our first family housing project. We anticipate actively pursuing this 3rd project this fall. We WILL continue to need the help of those capable of giving and those capable of partnering.

Providing a place to call home – to have a permanent address, is to provide the emotional cornerstone to facilitate stability, to being a part of society, to work, rebuild relationships, and engage in everyday activities – things many of us take for granted.

We would like to thank by name, some of those, whose behind the scene work, enabled us to achieve our first Tikva housing project:

  • Shayne Ramsay, Craig Crawford, Danna Locke and Raymond Kwong – our partners at BCH.
  • We thank Mark Gurvis, Shelley Rivkin and Abba Brodt – from the Jewish Federation.
  • Laura Stannard of JFSA for her tenant support.
  • Our Tikva Board of Directors, specifically to Adam Policzer, Sam Cukier, Alan Posthuma, Alan Tapper, Alan Levine and Gabe Bandel.
  • And lastly to; Susana Cogan, our Tikva Housing Director whose voracious, dogged tenacity, got us to the starting and the finish line!

It has been the fostering of these partnerships coupled with the Guincher Family and our donors’ support that we are hopeful of breaking the cycle of homelessness, and giving HOPE/TIKVA to our community’s most vulnerable.

That is why we named our Society ‘TIKVA’, in Hebrew, this means HOPE.

Let us remember, that for 3000 members of our community who live below the
poverty line there is no certainty of affordable housing. This underscores the urgency of our continued and joint efforts to provide additional affordable housing.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a 19th Century author and humanitarian defined home as :
“The home is the center and circumference, the start and the finish, of most of our lives”.

We welcome all the residents of the Dany Guincher House.

Written by Rozanne Kipnes, Co-Chair – Tikva Housing Society (past)