Tikva Housing Society

Giving new hope to individuals and families in need, transforming their lives, and strengthening our communities.

Tikva Housing Society is on a mission to provide access to innovative and affordable housing solutions for all those in the Jewish community who need it. We do so by:

  • Providing short-term rent subsidies to households living in market rental housing and unable to afford their rent due to a temporary crisis;
  • Acquiring and operating affordable rental housing developments; and,
  • Providing long-term subsidies to individuals and families with low incomes in the affordable rental housing developments that we operate.

As one tenant shared: “It’s given me security. I don’t have to worry about making rent. It’s affordable. It puts me in a wonderful frame of mind. It allows me to be a good father. Without Tivka, I would not have been able to give proper care to my children.”