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Tikva Housing 2020 AGM

Please join us for our AGM on Thursday, December 10th at 7pm via Zoom Please review the notice below for detailed registration information  To View Tikva Housing’s August 31, 2020 Annual Financial Statements, please click below:

Case Study – Vancouver Community Land Trust Foundation

Metro Vancouver is experiencing a crisis in housing affordability and there is a need for innovative solutions to the crisis. Tikva Housing Society is excited to be apart Vancouver’s first ever Land Trust Foundation, a project being implemented by a consortium of non-profit organizations, social finance institutions and the municipal government. The case study was created in order to describe and …

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2014 Housing Strategy Report Card

This report provides Vancouver’s City Council with an update on the progress that the City is making towards achieving the goals identified in the Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2012-2021. Tikva’s Land Trust project is mentioned on page 10. 2014 Housing and Homelessness Strategy Report Card

Tikva Joins Groundbreaking Partnership for Affordable Housing

In the current housing market there is a great need to create more affordable rental properties, as insufficient is built. The Community Housing Land Trust Foundation is proposing to use community assets and partnerships to allow a more prompt supply of affordable housing for those who are most in need. Collaborative housing project Through a groundbreaking …

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Trauma to Triumph: Housing A Key Poverty Driver (CJN – Oct. 2014)

While Jewish poverty rates in Canada’s major cities vary, one thing that is consistent is the impact that the scarcity of affordable housing has on those struggling to stay above the poverty line. To read more on this article in the Canadian Jewish News click here.     

Tikva’s Rent Subsidy Program – Jewish Independent (Oct. 2014)

Succot is a very significant holiday for Tikva Housing. This holiday represents the temporary nature and fragility of a home. It comes abundantly clear of the importance and necessity of having a house to live in. This is a basic necessity for everyone; however, there are people in our community that struggle to have a …

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While Jewish law does not specifically offer a definition of adequate housing, we can infer much about a Jewish definition of a house from the laws regarding the sukkah, this temporary structure constructed for the weeklong holiday of Sukkot, by Rabbi Carey Brown



Here are some of the latest apartment rental stats released by CMHC. The numbers are very compelling for why people in the Jewish Community are in need of help and assistance. Vancouver leads all major Canadian cities with highest average monthly rents (two-bedroom $1,237). The numbers don’t lie, nor does our growing list of people that need Tikva’s support.